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King of Avalon suggestions, methods and new methods

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare is a strategy MMO from FunPlus and Diandian Interactive. It’s you increasing a dragon while building an army in your quest to lift Excalibur and become the true ruler of your property. As anticipated from this genre, there are loads of timers and the requirement to work together with different players.

Become ruler a little quicker therefore, King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Tips, king of avalon cheats 2019 plus Strategies will be available to lead you through the paces, making sure you’ll be a highly effective leader very quickly.

Adhere to the Missions

This way, you are going to develop a foundation that’s more balanced than if you just throw yourself in and decide to solely focus on attack or resource collecting.
Listen to the information you are given in video game and stick with it for a while. At least till you get your bearings.

You will gain a lot of bonuses through after the missions but these items won’t instantly be redeemed. Instead, be sure you dive into the items menu and redeem them manually. Otherwise, you won’t reap the benefits.
Additionally, log in daily for some simple bonuses as a kind of log in reward.

Upgrading Buildings

Updating your Stronghold enables you to update different structures, and unlock new kinds.
Wherever possible, focus on updating your Stronghold otherwise it is going to be a bottleneck to unlocking additional useful structures. Every now and then, you’ll hit a cap and have to update different buildings to then be able to enhance your Stronghold. Keep an eye on what’s expected of you each step of the way.

Resources are key to allowing you to upgrade anything. Maximize their potential while you’re logged in then be prepared to check back in later on when they have restocked. Tap on all of your farms and sawmills to retrieve the relevant resources. In addition, don’t neglect to check your items for some freebies.

Struggling it Out

You start out with a protective shield meaning nobody can attack you while you start out. Make the most of this and build up your base and resources while you’re secure.
Use that time to build your defenses. You don’t need it to be straight forward. Focus on developing a defensive design which makes it tricky for the enemies to get right at your stronghold. Maintain the important stuff well shielded at all times.
Once the protective shield drops — go out and strike some players. Target stronger opponents in a bid to stock up on resources. Maybe drop in on a few weaker opponents but your rewards will be lesser so it is not entirely worth the effort unless you are desperate.

Combine an Alliance

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare will inspire you to join a Alliance for great reason. You will earn some quick bonuses plus it is a great way to work together in order to take part in larger raids than you can afford all on your own. Pick carefully but have fun.


Eventually, you’ll have the chance to use dragons. Honest. These are available in Offensive, Defensive, and Support varieties. Pick wisely and goal it on your play style. In the end, achievement is down to how well you raid.


Hungry Shark Evolution techniques & Tips For beginners

The Hungry Shark series of games has been chomping its way through program stores for several years now, although Hungry Shark World lately published, many players are still hung upon the previous entry–Hungry Shark Evolution and are looking for a great hungry shark evolution hack tool, secret, or trick.

Appamatix is here with a whole group of secrets, tips, and tricks (no actual hacks, sorry friends) that will assist you to whip through this game and unlock all its features in no time at all. Then keep reading!

It’s no great surprise that most sharks make for great game fodder, and also the first name in the series–only branded Hungry Shark–proved that once more. It’s the exact same rule that has kept sharks popular in movie theatres for years on end–they are mysterious, they are deadly, and because they are the masters of a environment that is not our very own, they are terrifying!

With Hungry Shark Evolution, we are given far more cartoonish versions of those oceans top predators, but it does not keep the game from being equally as fun. Contrary to this, it’s actually more fun than any Hungry Shark game before it, and there is more to do than previously. You will find more sharks to unlock, more areas to float in, and much more things to purchase for your cadre of fish.
In the event the Hungry Shark series is guilty of something, it’s of taking quite a while to change the basic principles that created the first game so successful, while still remaining true to its principal gameplay mode. You are still growing. You are eating as far as possible so as to keep swimming. In Hungry Shark Evolution, however, the game has shifted to make you wish to play with the several sharks that have been added to the game. Missions are broken up based on each specific shark, and you’re going to now sometimes face supervisors. Wonderful, right?

“Evolution” remains a core principle of this specific game, and it’s the goal that you’ll be constantly working towards as you rack up high scores, collect more coins and jewels, and find out how to survive longer with every play session. You can track all your unlocked sharks’ evolution through the game’s menus, which offers an exceptionally improved amount of game to play through. For a free-to-play name, you are not going to run out of fresh things to do in Hungry Shark Evolution for quite a while.

In all that time that you’re bound to invest playing, it’s going to be valuable to keep in mind some basic, simple tips that may be used for the entirety of your experience. The following tricks, secrets, and tips are meant to be used by beginners and Hungry Shark experts alike, so the next time you boot up the program for a quick swim, keep them in mind! It is, however, exceptionally important that you learn how to check your map quickly and frequently while you are playing Hungry Shark Evolution. Especially as your shark begins to require more food to continue swimming, you’re going to want to know how to navigate a specific area (or how to get into a spot you’ve never been, before.)

It can be easy to get caught up in all that eating and swimming, but knowing where you are can keep you going and help you to find mission goals (more about this later) that far better! Turn it into a strong Hungry Shark habit.

Handle Your Resources
When monetization is what controls the profit of a game, it always tends to appear in the exact same way–progress is gated by collecting a specific currency, which just so happens to be available for sale along with your hard-earned money in an in-app cash shop. This isn’t always a bad thing, but for those people without a lot of disposable income, it means people will need to work harder to keep an eye on the resources that become available just through playing the game.

Coins and jewels are where it’s at in Hungry Shark Evolution, and they control the speed where you unlock sharks, evolve themand buy things for them (including small shark companions, which we’ll talk about liberally!)

Rather than dumping all your resources into a specific shark or particular evolution path, it’s rather smarter to distribute your coins and coins evenly. Your progress through the game (and enjoyment you’ve got while playing it) only stand to gain!

Sponsorship Matters!
When starting up Hungry Shark Evolution, you’ll often be tempted into watching trailers for different games in the guarantee of free gems.

This isn’t a scam. Do It! It’s a few minutes out of your daily life, and gems are a fairly rare commodity as it is. Just don’t become reliant on the earnings, because they’re not always going to be available to you. Likewise you’ll receive bonus jewels for”liking” the Hungry Shark Evolution page on Facebook, as long as you don’t mind that specific bit of information showing up on your own news feed, do this as well!

Gold rushes would be the best way to catch a massive number of points, so when you eventually manage to get one (the requirement changes per kind of shark), go wild! If there’s ever a time to play aggressively, explore, and use boosts, it’s while you are binging on tons of points from a gold rush.

The trick behind all this, though, is to be cautious while you are going nuts. I know, correct? It sounds contradictory, but I can not even count the amount of times that I’ve been cruising along, only having eyes for things that my shark can consume, and I run smack into something that whittles down my life bar in moments.

Daily Challenges
Many free-to-play app store games attempt to help keep you coming back by offering rewards for play. Obviously, they don’t need you to reap the benefits rewards daily (you’ll need to pay for monetized things in app’s cash store ( for this ), but there will always be a set of daily challenge assignments that you tackle that can lead to gems and coins.

Provided that you know how to complete them efficiently, they are never going to take a ton of time. In addition to this, the bonus gets larger each successive day which you complete them, starting with 100 coins and building up to 400, before resetting.

Growth Points Matter
There aren’t many monies to keep tabs in Hungry Shark Evolution, but in addition to gems and coins you also have growth points. These are the gate where you’ll get access to other sharks in the game, and also the reason that you would like to keep alive for as long as you can in each and every play session.

You start the game as an itty-bitty Reef Shark, also while you are nonetheless capable of eating all kinds of things, the deeper sea will immediately show you that a bigger shark will be essential to handle bigger objects. After earning 2000 growth points, you’ll then be allowed to invest 1500 coins to unlock the Mako Shark. The trend climbs and climbs until you closing achieve the pinnacle of shark evolution using the Megalodon.

Baby Onboard
What is the easiest way to make the dangerous seas feel a small bit safe? Purchase a baby shark roam around with youpersonally, naturally! Like the principal shark species that you’ll have the ability to play within the game, baby sharks are available in all kinds of unique varieties that become more deadly in the exact same time that they become more costly.

Purchase one of these little buggers, though, and you’ll quickly find yourself happy to have that extra set of chompers swimming along as your wingman.

I never anticipated”boss battles” to be incredibly fun as they are in Hungry Shark Evolution, but the developers nevertheless managed to pull off it in the kind of Giant Enemy Crabs. These hard creates hang out in the bottom of the sea and are really fairly hard to handle, but you may do it with almost any sized shark. The tradeoff is that you’ll have a better easier time using a stronger shark. If you attempt to handle it before obtaining a bigger fish, then there is a good possibility that you are going to get pincered to death in one swipe. Yowza.

As soon as you’re feeling brave and strong, choose among those game’s crab supervisors for appropriate rewards!

You won’t get access to”Super Missions” until you’ve completed all the typical missions for any given shark, but as soon as you have them, they are a fresh pair of challenges to have that will provide you additional benefits, thus allowing you the following means to collect resources or simply build with hungry shark evolution hack ios.

Depending upon how big shark that you are taking on the Super Missions for, you may find out that you’ve already accomplished some of the assignments’ goals currently.


Game Of Sultans Ideas and Tricks

Game of Sultans, however, places you in the shoes of Sultan of the powerful Ottoman Empire, one of the last Empires that existed in today’s world, reaching even all of the way to the 20th century.

In Game of Sultans, you are going to be handling the empire from its early days and well in the summit of its potency. Are you going to be the Sultan all your people will recall for centuries after your departure, or will your reign be quickly forgotten in the turbulent tides of history? It is up you to guarantee the former as you skillfully navigate through every aspect of being a Sultan including war campaigns, Vizier management, resource attainment, romancing the perfect consorts and getting powerful heirs and allying yourself with the neighboring rulers. It may be a fairly daunting task, particularly if you’re not utilized to games in this fashion. That is the reason we’ve prepared a thorough manual of game of sultans hack apk or tips you could use to improve your performance as ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Continue reading!

Keep playing

This seems intuitive and logical, but it’s paramount to being successful in Game of Sultans. This means completing your quests as soon as they come up, effectively winning your effort battles, getting all of the tiny bonuses you can at your Imperial Palace, such as those the fortune teller provides you and making good on every tiny offer the game provides, so as to find that edge. Every other trick in this guide could be considered a corollary of the one, so keep this in mind.

Degree your Sultan upward as quickly as possible

Leveling up grants you an assortment of new skills, including unlocking a few of the facilities at the palace such as the Masquerade, where you get to meet your potential love interests, or even the Arena, where your useful Viziers help you in PvP combat. However, the largest advantage from leveling up is the rise in levies in the Imperial Parliament, granting you the ability to collect Wealth, Grain and Soldiers quicker.

Since this is a military expansion game, your number of soldiers might very possibly be one of the most significant factors determining your success, and that means you’re going to want to keep this number as high as you can. Leveling up could be achieved in a few ways, including completing effort battles, using the XP boosts in your stock, which you receive at particular periods, in addition to picking the”No” option in the Imperial Affairs. These events usually entail a wonderful bonus of Wealth, Grain or Soldiers as a single alternative, or a few XP points as another. Being a self respecting Sultan and diminishing the extra resources increases your XP, so select this alternative if the extra resource is not desperately needed at the moment. This can be useful in the future and cause more funds than if you only take the extra.

Constantly be there for your Viziers in the Imperial Parliament

A tip that’s based on Tip #0, which is to keep coming back to the Imperial Parliament to consult with Ahmelek and Hocas. The former keeps your Levies in check, so you’ll want to go for him to acquire your resources as quickly as they stack up (once you level up to Grand Sultan I you will find the option to auto-levy, but before then you will want to keep clicking). The latter keeps your Imperial Affairs we talked about in check, and new questions and issues grow up regularly, so you are going to want those bonuses as quickly as they come up. A good Sultan is in constant contact with his Viziers, which brings us to the next tip.

Find the Best Heirs from your Consorts

A good Sultan is desirable and strong, so he’ll have lots of wives in his Harem, and these wives will give birth to a lot of powerful heirs to further solidify the empire with strategic marriages. You receive one Consort early on, but as you continue playing you will unlock many more of these, whether in the Masquerade or by purchases. Aside from affecting your Viziers, the most important job of Consorts is to help enhance your empire’s stats by giving you heirs. Not all Heirs are created equal, though, as much as you love them for being your kids, some are just rarer and better than the others. The rarity, and therefore stats, of an heir depend on your intimacy level with the consort birthing them, which means you will want consorts leveled up to give you the highest chance of getting the very best Heir possible.

In contrast to the information on Viziers, you are going to want to spread out the experience level on most of Consorts, as you simply get random visits to the Harem, and you can’t which Consort will acquiesce to your wishes. Unless, of course, you pay diamonds to select which Consort you meet, but that’s not sustainable in the future unless you like spending money needlessly. Consorts also have a Charm stat affecting her XP, which subsequently affects the Vizier she is associated with. As mentioned in the section on Viziers, you will want to keep your most applicable Consorts high in XP in order to grant the greatest bucks for your generals.

Heirs, on the other hand, are useful for increasing your kingdom’s stats and, even when they reach adulthood, solidifying your relations with other kings by marriage. This matrimony is in fact to an Heir of another true player, and not an AI, which means you’re interacting with other powerful Sultans. Locating a suitable match for your Heir may be challenging and expensive, but in the long term, it will be well worth it.

Make use of the Planet Earth and Fortress Siege

The more you play, the higher the probability you will encounter the Grounds or the Siege available. Or you may just memorize or write down when they are open, and log at the time to make use of these options. Here you can win a few additional goodies and items for you, your viziers, heirs, and consorts.

Overall, to be a better player of Game of Sultans that you want to know as much as possible. Reading guides such as this and always playing the game is an excellent start, and even though the game has a very steep learning curve having more info to take in, as soon as you get the ball rolling you will quickly have the ability to begin adeptly handling your empire. Proceed Sultan, make your empire known the world over!